Scuba Finger Spool with Hi-Viz Dacron 24m Line and medium 10cm Bolt Snap (YELLOW)

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Hi-Viz Dacron Line is better than the generic nylon line commonly used in diving applications because it is high tenacity, braided DuPont Dacron®.

Hi-Viz Dacron costs a bit more than generic nylon line, but this abrasion resistant line has slightly negative buoyancy, won't twist or kink, and has minimal stretch.

Available in yellow color. Hi-Viz Dacron Yellow for best low-light visibility.

Small enough to stow in an accessory pocket, these premium quality polycarbonate one piece finger spools can substitute for jump/gap reels and safety reels.

They are loaded with our custom-made Hi-Viz Dacron Line along with our premium quality heavy duty 316-series stainless steel double-eye bolt snap.

The line is 24 Metres

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