Scuba diving BCD Power inflator Service Tool with O-Ring Kit

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This stainless steel Inflator Service Tool has three openings that allow easy disassembly of the most widely used power inflator found on most tek BC aircells from a variety of brands. With our tool we also include a complete set of replacement oxygen compatible O-rings for the inflator.

  •         1/2" hex wrench for the low pressure quick release nipple

  •         Special spanner with two bent tangs which fit the slots in the inlet valve cartridge assembly and facilitates its easy removal

  •         3/8" hex to keep the end of the valve spool in place while removing the plastic button from the cartridge valve assembly

  •         Includes the five O-rings found in the power inflation mechanism: 112-V90B, 012-V90B, 011-V90B, and two 006-V75B.

  •         Includes a free slotted nut driver used to service scuba valves.

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