Dive Rite Crotch Strap 1 inch (25mm) With Slide Release Buckle

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Preferred by most divers for its general comfort, the 1-inch (25mm) crotch strap is ideal for fastening a harness and backplate securely to a divers body.

By using a crotch strap, divers can reduce the likelihood of their gear slipping upwards on the body in the water, resulting in the tank hitting the back of the head during a dive.

Nylon webbing provides strength, yet is soft and wont dig into the body.

The 1-inch (25mm) crotch strap comes scooter ring for divers who scooter and want the convenience of a crotch strap that can be adjusted easily.

The slide release buckle offers the convenience of an adjustable length at the quick release buckle and allows the loop to be placed on waist belt webbing behind the buckle where it can remain.

Made in the U.S.A.

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